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BeveragePro is an integrated software solution designed specifically for the beverage based blending and bottling operation.  Designed for bulk or case good products, BeveragePro features an integrated order fulfillment system that offers an easy to use, on-line, order processing browser with detailed inquiry capabilities for order status, carrier arrivals, and lot control, which enables complete trace ability.  It provides direct access to quality control analysis for in-house lab customers and USDA use and provides for both shipping and invoicing.

     A comprehensive inventory management system allows users to access inventory availability by Source, Product, and Containers (SPC) for bulk and standard inventory, including a tank farm monitor that can track multiple owners.  Radio frequency bar coding tracks inventory movement for multiple facilities and warehouses for traditional or consigned, bulk, and case good products.  Work orders track the status of blend activities, including actual costs, and provide detailed inquiry to recipes with multi-level bill of materials.  Optional is a government-reporting module that provides compliance with BATF requirements.



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